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About evgeny-goldin

What is that one thing that has led to the many advancements in the last 10 years?

It’s the technology. Kudos to all the developers who have made our lives easier and fun! 

Jason recalls the day when he was finding it difficult to turn on the mobile phone, and he instantly Googled the query. The solution was simple, and this saved his time too.

Being a tech-admirer since childhood, this incident made him realize the power of Blogs and Content. There was no looking back later on. Within one year, Jason had already reviewed about 20-30 gadgets for the page.

Jason adds, “evgeny-goldin strives to offer genuine reviews about different tech gadgets. I do a review of 2-3 gadgets in a month, I purchase them and do the testing by myself. This way you get the first-hand information with each review of mine.”

If you guys have any kind of confusion relating to the website working, then you can ask them up anytime here.

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