Plastic Surgery Game Apps & their Influence on Young Minds

On your Android Play Store, you will come across Plastic Surgery Apps that asks the player to perform an animated face surgery on a cartoon character shown. One of the apps starts with a storyline, where a character is cursed by a witch first. Then a description shows up with the message that the witch has turned the character ugly, and you are the only one who could help them.

Plastic Surgery Game Apps

Ending with a note to not to miss the opportunity to become a pro plastic surgery doc.

Can you see where the app is going? While some of the apps do have an age restriction of 17 or more. But actually, there is no way of stopping kids younger than that installing the app on their parent’s phone.

Plastic Surgery Game Apps & their Influence on Young Minds

Asking on how people end up installing such apps, Christine who is working at the Common Sense Media who address tech concepts with a family context says: Most of such plastic surgery game apps are available for free, and this holds a big reason for people installing the app.

On these apps, children could simulate processes like liposuction, lip filters, nose job, double-eyelid surgery, and others. Using such apps, children are being provided with the compulsion of looking fair or good. If something is not right on your face, fix it! That is what kids learn from such weird apps.

On the other hand, there are apps which won’t look like the plastic surgery ones at first but as you proceed with the game – you will know it.

Why I dislike?

Number one reason is that these apps don’t actually have any context.

Just performing surgeries on the face and other body parts that will be confusing for the kids and even scary to some extent. Along with that showing the surgery in graphics are gross.

It also spreads a negative message among the litter girls like- don’t you like your appearance? Then, go with the surgery as there is nothing as important as how you look.

Well, I myself won’t let my kid see any surgical scene on TV, then how could I let them play the same on the phone?

So, what the parents can do is to monitor the apps that your kids are using. If you are installing any game app, play the game for a while by yourself before letting them play. 

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